AI Approach for Iris Biometric Recognition Using a Median Filter

The Artificial Intelligence approach is used for Iris recognition by understanding the distinctive and measurable characteristics of the human body such as a person’s face, iris, DNA, fingerprints, etc. AI methods analyzed the attributes like iris images. Each biometric authentication technique varies in the characteristic of a human being which it employs for identification. Based on various characteristics, different techniques for authentication are: Iris Recognition, Finger Print recognition, Face recognition, Palm recognition, etc.

Types of Biometric Authentication Systems

Biometric being considered the most acceptable, secure, and dependable system has captured a wide range of applications. Various biometric authentication techniques are:

1. Face recognition

2. Iris Recognition

3. Fingerprints recognition

4. Palm recognition

5. Face Recognition

Iris Recognition

Iris is the ring-shaped region in the human eye that inscribes the pupil of an eye. Iris recognition technique employs the detection and comparison of the unique patterns of iris for every individual. It is designated as the fastest and most efficient technique that is capable of producing intended results in the least duration of time.

Face recognition

Face recognition technique is rising to be the most acceptable and secure field in biometric authentication. It is employed in surveillance systems since it has the caliber to successfully execute its algorithm without object comparison. The most advantageous aspect of this technique as compared to other similar systems is individuality and attainability.

Palm Recognition

Palm recognition or Palm print recognition could be considered as an optimistic and assuring technique that employs palm characteristics for the identification and recognition of a person. The characteristics employed in fulfillment of recognition criteria are lines of a palm, wrinkles, and ridges on a hand, etc., where wrinkles of palm are identified as being thinner than the primary lines.

Fingerprint Recognition

When government organizations and agencies are taken into account, they demand high security; this requirement could be easily fulfilled using biometric systems, specifically by the fingerprint recognition technique. Every individual has a unique and distinguishable print of fingers.

Preprocessing the images using the median filter

A biometric system is designed to follow certain biometric recognition algorithms, defined specifically for each different mechanism. While processing authentication, various parameters are to be considered, such as sufficient lighting when the image is being captured, proper posture of the person, image superiority, and various others. Each biometric system employs several modes or processes to authorize, these are feature extraction, sensing, and matching modules. The filtration mechanism is applied to pre-process the input image of the iris. The pre-processing of the input image is done to remove the noisy content from it. This is achieved by applying the collaboration of median filters. After filtration, the feature from the processed image is extracted by using the LBP-LDA technique. After extracting the features, the Artificial Neural Network is used to perform pattern matching. For purpose of performance evaluation, the proposed iris recognition is implemented in MATLAB.


1. Surveillance

2. Logical Access Control

3. Physical Access Control

4. Time and Attendance

5. Law Enforcement

6. Border and airport control

7. Secured transaction banking and financial institutions

Final words

Security has become the main issue in today’s world. Various security and authentication methods or techniques are applied to secure the iris template. The proposed feature extraction and pattern recognition techniques on the preprocessed image so that the security and reliability of the system could be raised.

The Complete Guide to 3D Character Modeling

A good character from 3d animation studio, regardless of the purpose of creation, must be alive. It must have an authentic character and a memorable appearance.

A good 3d character modeling services in animation studios, regardless of the purpose of creation, must be alive. It must have an authentic character and a memorable appearance. We emphasize that it is not always attractive, but memorable, interesting and certainly evokes emotions. For example, is it possible to say about the alien (Predator in the film of the same name) or fabulous (Golum in The Lord of the Rings) heroes of modern Hollywood blockbusters that they are attractive? Hardly. But many of those who have seen these infernal beings will definitely recognize them if they appear again on the screen of a cinema or on the pages of a magazine.

A bright character from 3d character designer is interesting not only for his appearance. But also for his behavior, relations with the viewer, a high degree of interactivity, the viewer’s involvement in the plot.

3D vs 2D characters
Three-dimensional graphics is a type of computer graphics in animation studio, inwhica are combined different techniques and tools, whic are used in order to create three-dimensional objects in the space of tech-dimension.

People can work with 2D and 3D graphics with wide variety of professional instruments. As for the system requirements, they are totally different. For each of these programs has to be applied a different load to the system. Some need a processor (or processors) more powerful, some require a powerful video card (or two), and some want everything at once.

How to Draw 3D Characters: Milestones
The main features are as follows:

The systems allow you to model a building before creating drawings or prototypes;
Clear and accurate visualization from 3d character artist, that helps reduce energy and financial costs. It also increases the speed of execution of work on the construction of the facility, thereby saving the customer time;
Models can be transferred to engineering calculation systems designed for comprehensive analysis. They are for functionality, strength, durability, stability and other parameters;
Volumetric models are also used at the stages following production;
A major advantage of 3D modeling is its inherent associativity by animators for hire. It is worth changing the size of one part in the assembly, and the dimensions of the elements associated with it will change;
Top 3D Character Design Software
There are different 3D programs on the market nowadays, used in Kevurugames. They were designed in order to develop three-dimensional models by animation agency. There are own specific characteristics for every product. One software helps to view and correct inaccuracies in 3D-files. Another helps to create special effects, the third – to design complex parts and sculptures.

With the help of this approach nowadays it’s possible to:

create graphics in three-dimensions;
make high-quality of images;
engage in rendering (visualization);
feed finished images to a printer or display.
The software presented on the market differs in approaches to modeling. In total, there are three options for creating 3D models: solid, sculptural and procedural.

Some of the best options include Autodesk Viewer,, and ShareCAD.

Where to Find the Best 3D Characters?
Creating a character in 3DMax and other Autodesk programs requires professional skills from the modeler and a deep understanding of the principles of the program itself. Therefore, 3D modeling software from Autodesk is not recommended for beginners. And it is worth ordering development from professionals.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a 3D Game Character?
At first glance, ordering from 3d character artist for hire is expensive. But in fact, the work of actors or photographers is more expensive. In complex scenes where the hero interacts with virtual objects, replacing a live actor with a computer one will be cheaper than filming tricks live. All you need is a computer and a competent 3d-animator. No expensive filming required. The cost in each case is named .

Wrapping Up
A corporate character allows you to consolidate the visual image of a brand or company in the consumer’s mind. Thanks to it, emotional attachment is created, recognition and popularity of the brand increases. The corporate character, along with other components of the brand (name, logo, slogan, corporate identity, packaging design, advertising, etc.), determines the success of the brand. It is used to better identify it and reflect the concept of positioning.

How AI is Transforming Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of human lives. They help in performing a variety of tasks and make it easy for businesses to promote their products and services locally and globally. Considering their role and importance, mobile app development service has emerged as one of the most sought-after services worldwide. With the increasing demand for feature-rich apps and providing users enhanced value and better experience, businesses are increasingly focusing on creating unique and smart apps powered with cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, 5G, AR & VR, and AI and ML.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed the way we interact with machines and help in providing personalized experiences to users. Media and marketing companies, education, healthcare, and other companies are increasingly embracing AI in their mobile apps to serve their clients better and enhance brand reputation.

Some of the crucial ways in which AI has transformed the landscape of mobile app development are discussed below:

Empowering Search Engines
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have led to the increasing use of voice search and voice commands. You can ask your virtual assistant like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa to search for something for you. Be it restaurants, jeweler’s shop, or any other information you need, you can simply get answers by asking the right question to search engines.
Predictive Analysis for Personalized Recommendations
Whether it is online food delivery or grocery shop, books or kitchen appliances suppliers, businesses are embracing AI and Machine learning in their mobile apps to know their customers’ interests and explore ways to serve them better. With chatbots, they resolve queries of customers in real-time, and with push notifications, they offer personalized recommendations based on their browsing history, location, age, and preferences.
Facial Unlock Systems
With the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, facial recognition unlock became a popular feature on smartphones because of ease of use and added layer of security. Phone manufacturers use AI and ML-based algorithms for an individual’s face identification that unlocks the phone and the various apps installed on it. In the future, smartphone makers will use more advanced AI and ML that will detect a person based on changes in their facial features, like growing a beard or wearing glasses.
Enhanced App Security
With the increasing cybercrimes, security of data and apps has become more important. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning during mobile app development services helps detect malware and threats in real time and notifies users or enterprises to prevent the threat.
Translate Languages in Real-Time
Translation apps have become quite popular that helps people understand and use app features. However, most of these apps require an internet connection to perform seamlessly. With the integration of ML and AI into your app, smartphones will no longer need an internet connection to translate from one language to another, in a multitude of languages.
Besides this, mobile app developers can integrate AI with IoT to facilitate quick and seamless data transfer between devices that will help boost conversion rates.